deploying multiple apps

I have the following scenario:

Apache -> RoR app on mongrel cluster : all working fine.

Now, I want to add a second app to this scenario. Does anyone have
info on how?

i.e what does the http.conf looks like? I suspect it stays the same -
port 80 going to the cluster.

any info or config ideas?


Nope. Apache serves port 80 and proxies to the cluster.

This article might help:

thats not what i wanted - i already have it setup.

Anyhow, just found out it cannot be done - unless ALL the apps are
packaged into a single app or if i remove clustering.

You don't really give enough information about what you are trying to
do, but I'm skeptical that it can't be done whatever it is. Not much
you can't do with mod rewrite:)