Deploy demo web rails to heroku error

I'm deploy a demo web rails to heroku:

I trying with database: postgresql and sqlite3, but still error. with SQLite3, i edit Gemfile to:     group :production do       gem 'pg'     end     group :development, :test do       gem 'sqlite3'    end

with PostgreSQL, i config in file: database.yml : database, username and password follow server heroku ( $ heroku console Ruby console for


=> "postgres://username:password@hostname/database")

But when i run myapp from Heroku, is error:

     "We're sorry, but something went wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly."

Please help me! Sorry, because My English is not good!


if you enter "heroku logs" you can often get more info on what's going on for the heroku errors... that usually helps a lot.

Heroku will not work with sqlite.. i found that postresql worked great once i got the gemfile set up properly... Here is what i'm using... i hope this helps:

source ''

gem 'rails', '~>3.1.0'

group :development do   gem 'sqlite3', '1.3.4'   gem 'rspec-rails', '2.6.1'   gem 'annotate', :git => 'git://'   gem 'faker', '0.3.1' end

gem 'therubyracer' gem 'execjs' gem 'gravatar_image_tag', '1.0.0.pre2' gem 'will_paginate', "~>3.0.2"

group :production, :staging do    gem 'pg' end

  gem 'sass-rails', " ~> 3.1.0"   gem 'coffee-script'   gem 'uglifier'

group :test do    gem 'turn', :require => false   gem 'rspec-rails', '2.6.1'   gem 'webrat', '0.7.1'   gem 'factory_girl_rails', '1.0'   gem 'rack', '1.3.3' end

gem 'jquery-rails'