Delete Specific image from multiple upload in Edit Form

Dear All, This is my first post in here and I am also a beginner of Ruby of Rails. First I would like to point out my problem. I used Active Storage method for multiple image upload. Everything is working fine. But my client request me "In edit form , if I remove image/s from all of multiple uploaded images , this removed image/s should be removed in edit form. But, it shouldn’t directly purge from database. Meanwhile, after I refresh the browser , the removed image should be appear again in edit form " . I used Active Storage method to handle this request and if I remove one or more image/s , this image is directly removed from database. I can’t recall this image by refreshing the browser. How can I do that? Please explain.


I got it. Active Storage has already this feature . I have some miss-understanding between “delete” button and “remove” button. “delete” button work perfect as I want. Thanks you all.

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