degrading link_to_remote

Take a look at UnobtrusiveJavascript for rails.

It's perfect for what you're looking to do.

Josh Kieschnick wrote:

i have some items that use the link_to_remote helper and i would like

them to also link directly to the page that they are calling if

javascript is not available. i have tried putting the action and id in

like i would with a regular link_to helper but that didn’t work.

how can i accomplish this?


<%= form_remote_tag(:url =>{:action => “myaction”}, :html => {:action => url_for(:action => “myaction”), :id => “myform”}) %>


link_to_remote(“mylink”,{:url => {:action => “myaction”}},{:href => url_for(:action => “myaction”)})

Best regards

Peter De Berdt