Decoupling of ActionPack


Are the plans of splitting ActionPack for several gems (AbstractController, ActionView, etc)? Like

I.e. I know gems that are needed AbstractController only… And they are forced to require the whole ActionPack…


We are splitting Action Pack and Action View, but no plans for the others gems.


ActionView was extracted from ActionPack here: This work is part of Google Summer of Code 2013 and @strzalek is working on it. The further plan is to allow using ActionPack without ActionView - it makes sense to do that if you only need to render JSON for APIs (or simple templates which don’t need too much features). There is no plans to extract more things (like AbstractController) to separate gems, though, it would not make much difference.



That’s great! Having that finally extracted should make it easy to replace. Thanks guys!

Thanks for reply!

Niks’ gem is an example: it uses AbstractController but another rails’ things are optional.