Debug in ROR

How to debug in ruby on rails.Can anyone tell??

Any help will be appreciate


yap, install the ruby-debug gem and require it in environment.rb

than just put anywhere you want "debugger", and in the server output you will get a breakpoint-console-like access to your application flow.

If you want a much more comfortable front-end for that, you can install Aptana RadRails. It uses ruby-debug behind the scenes, but you get graphical breakpoints, inspection, stepping the code, etc...

Using it is as easy as telling RadRails to add a webrick or mongrel server to your project, changing the start mode from 'run' to 'debug' and starting the server. After that you can comfortably toggle breakpoints directly on the margin of your editor and use the usual Eclipse debugging interface.


javier ramírez

p.s. there are other IDEs such as Komodo or Netbeans that also allow this, but I work with RadRails