(de)serialization problem with rails 3.2

I have a custom serializer object that I use for an attribute of ActiveRecord as presented in this article:

If I assign a value to that attribute with a form (in my case a nested form), I don't get the deserialized value in the params hash as it used to be with Rails 3.1, but now I get a serializer struct that contains the custom serializer class instance and the deserialized value.

Does anybody know whether this is intentional, or is it just broken and I have to work around that until it gets fixed...?

I’m seeing the same problem after having upgraded to rails 3.2 .

No custom serializer for me, just a regular serialized field.

Previous behaviour was to have the field automatically deserialized, but instead I’m getting the serialized version.

Any update on this? Serialization just plain isn’t working for me using 3.2.


Any update on this? Serialization just plain isn't working for me using 3.2.

Which version are you using ? Rails 3.2.2 fixed some behaviour in that respect for us.