Dates in ActiveRecord

I'm going nuts over this incidence in my code: I have this class
AdsSources < ActiveRecord::Base and one of it's fields is a date, but
when I update this field and read it again, I always get the same
wrong date like this:

@a = AdsSources.find :first
@a.last_time_polled =;!

I don't get any Exceptions from this operation and it doesn't matter
if I use a different method like update_attributes, the result will be
the same. Now, and this can be as soon as the following line in my
code, I read this value like this:


And no matter when or how I updated this field the last time, I always
get the same date:

Sat Jan 01 22:43:26 +0100 2000

January 1st 2000. Could someone point me a reason for this? Thanks.

What's in the database ?


Use a :datetime field type instead of plain :date. I'm supposing thats
the data type you have in your migration.
Or if the date is not important, you can go with a pure :time

Thanks for your replies, guys.
I checked the content in the database and found that only the time of
the day was being stored, so I changed the type of the column to
'timestamp' and it's working properly now.