Date/Time problems on Windows

Hi All,

I have a system running on Win Server2003 and SqlServer 2008.

Machine is set to GMT-6 for its timezone i.e Central Time with Daylight Savings enabled.

When I add records, the time shown in the fields is shown in UTC - as its the current time +5 hours. The times stored in the DB are as entered (I checked in SQL) in UTC. When the records are retrieved then get another 5 hours added to them, as if they were stored in local time.

The environment.rb file shows:

     config.time_zone = 'UTC'

I dont care if the records are stored in UTC or not, but this wacked out date handling is killing the users as its so confusing. Any ideas/ solutions?

Many thanks in advance

may the 'rake time:zones:local' will help you. replace to one of that result.

Piers Denney wrote: