date_select problem with i18n

I'm localizing my rails 2.2.2 application using i18n.
In my form(view) I have:
<%= date_select :range,:start_date,:order => [:month,:day,:year]%>
In environment.rb I have:
I18n.default_locale = 'en-US'
and in en-US.rb its:
I18n.backend.store_translations 'en-US',
  :date => {
    :order => [:month, :day, :year],
    :month_names => %w[Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Spt Oct Nov Dec]

My problem is that the date select options are not proper.
Instead of month names in the drop down I get some 12 numeric
values...!!!!! as 110,32,111,115..etc...
How should I solve this???
Please help...
Thank You...