Date parsing from a text file

Hi All,

I am working on a log file , where i am parsing one log file for user name and their last login dates ..

this output return two columns , user name and last lgin date .

require 'ldapjclnt11.jar'

class OIDExtract < Batch::Job

    include_package 'javax.naming'     include_package 'javax.naming.ldap'     include_package ''     include_package 'oracle.ldap.util'


    configure acronyms: 'OID', do_not_track: true

    def get_oid_connection(user_id, password, server, port = 10037)         env = {             Context::INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY => 'com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory',             Context::SECURITY_AUTHENTICATION => 'simple',             Context::SECURITY_PRINCIPAL => "uid=#{user_id}, cn=Users, dc=oracleoutsourcing, dc=com",             Context::SECURITY_CREDENTIALS => password,             Context::PROVIDER_URL => "ldap://#{server}:#{port}/",             Context::REFERRAL => "follow"         }         ctx =, nil.to_java(Control))     end

    def get_subscriber(ctx)         roc =         roc.getSubscriber(ctx, IDTYPE_DEFAULT, nil, ['*'])     end

    def get_user(ctx, sub, user_id)         sub.getUser(ctx, IDTYPE_SIMPLE, user_id, ['*'].to_java(:String))     end

    desc 'Extract user details from Oracle Internet Directory (OID)'     job do         admin_user = 'orcl_CommandCentre'         admin_pwd = 'FiRST123!'         server = ''

        oid = get_oid_connection(admin_user, admin_pwd, server)         sub = get_subscriber(oid)

        xl = xl_create_workbook         sheet = xl.workbook.add_worksheet(name: 'Users')         sheet.add_row(['User Id', 'Create Date'], style: xl_styles['Title']) "Extracting users..."         count = 0         users = sub.getUsers(oid, IDTYPE_SIMPLE, '*', nil, ['orcllastlogintime'].to_java(:String))         users.to_a.each do |user|             count += 1             props = user.getProperties(oid, ['orcllastlogintime'].to_java(:String))             user.getDN(oid) =~ /^(?:cn|uid)=([^,]+)/             user_id = $1             create_date = props.getPropertySet(0).getProperty(0).getValue(0)       create_date =[0..3].to_i, create_date[4..5].to_i, create_date[6..7].to_i)             sheet.add_row([user_id, create_date])             # puts "#{$1}: #{[0..3].to_i, create_date[4..5].to_i, create_date[6..7].to_i)} (#{user.getDN(oid)} - #{create_date})"         end         log.detail "Output #{count.with_commas} users"         xl_filter_and_freeze(sheet, 1)         xl.serialize('OID_Users.xlsx')     end

end! if __FILE__ == $0

the above is the code :

but in the log file some user have last login date as

orcllastlogintime: 00000000 and some as orcllastlogintime: i, e blank only , so my code is getting failed with below error :

D:\Scripts\Batch\utils>jruby OID_Extract.rb DETAIL Loading configuration from D:/Scripts/Batch/lib/rbs/../../                secure_hp_config.yaml INFO Job 'OID Extract' started on VMHODTRBSP124 by c_anujt with PID              32252 DETAIL Working directory is: D:/Scripts/Batch/utils INFO Extracting users... ERROR An exception occurred in job 'OID Extract': ArgumentError: invalid date        civil at jar:file:/D:/Scripts/Batch/jars/jruby-complete-1.7.3.jar!/META-I NF/jruby.home/lib/ruby/1.9/date.rb:809   OIDExtract at OID_Extract.rb:63   OIDExtract at OID_Extract.rb:57         run! at D:/Scripts/Batch/lib/batch/job.rb:66       (root) at OID_Extract.rb:75

INFO Job 'OID Extract' completed with errors in 2.001 seconds

now i have to write a code


orcllastlogintime: 00000000 and some as orcllastlogintime:

then it should handle it ..accordingly.

You can catch the exception in your code and take whatever action you think is appropriate