Date Format @params

I am trying to make a blog archive by month. Can someone please tell me how to make these @params match the date format that is being passed.

I am passing the url: /posts?month=August

@month = @params['created']

(created is a field in the database populated with datetime stamps)

There is no error, it just doesn't filter by month. I am having trouble finding any helpful info.

Hi Casey,

In the snippet you gave, it doesn't looked like there will be a params[:created], unless your routes.rb file slaps one in there. Try params[:month]

(You probably want to move away from "@params" and toward "params"; see Ruby on Rails — Use params, not @params).

I need to learn the basics of params. I tried the above code by modifying: @category = @params['category'] that actually works.

I have been told about params [:month] but assumed it had to reference the 'created' field formatted as a month to compare to what was passed.

Can anyone please help to explain my last question?