Date entry without date_select

I'm trying to display and edit dates without using select boxes (which
we don't like from a UI perspective) and without displaying the date
values in MySQL date format (i.e., YYYY-MM-DD).

My preference would be to have a text input that displays the date in
MM/DD/YYYY format. And when the data is updated or created, it would
be saved to the database in the proper MySQL format.

Is this a case where I should build my own solution, probably by
extending the text_field function. Or is there a built-in solution
that I'm missing?



I seem to remember a railscast dealing with this.

take a look at and see if it helps.

- Martin (my first post here, hello everybody)

Check out the calendar_date_select plugin.

That railscast worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

The calendar plugin looks good too. I can see using that elsewhere in
this application.