Database table as tempalete, In rails

{ “org_name”: “xxxxx”, “_id”: { “$oid”: “4fed411179216d10f000000c” }, “organization_memberships”: [ { “family_currently_enrolled”: “Yes”, “_id”: { “$oid”: “4fed411179216d10f0000007” }, “org_id”: “KL-NWK-2”, “age_group_and_school_days”: “Two-year-old Tuesday/Thursday”, “active_member_of_ppc”: “Yes” }, { “ssssssss”: “Yes”, “_id”: { “$oid”: “4fed411179216d10f000000a” }, “org_id”: “KL-NWK-1”, “eeeeeee”: “Two-year-old Tuesday/Thursday”, “ddddddd”: “Yes”, “ttttt”: “Two-year-old Tuesday/Thursday”, “uuuuuuu”: “Yes” } ], }

I have a organization table which embeds_many organization_memberships with different fields. I want to capture each organization_memberships data as tempalete from database and in view after modify field by user, I want to save these details in user table as template.

Would any one like to suggest me, How can we achived this?