database queries using autocomplete

Hello All,
I am new to Rails and am unable to figure out how to do multiple table
queries to a database using autocomplete

I have :
Author habtm Books through Works || Book has_many Chapters ||
Chapter has_many Sections
And a table unrelated to these directly called Keywords.

How can I create a page where I provide autocomplete boxes for each of
these so that a user can choose for a
particular keyword/s, author/s and book/s using Boolean logic? (one
view with multiple table search boxes)

ex: keyword 'civilization' AND/OR/NOT author 'Jay' AND/OR/NOT book

I was able to create multiple choice autocomplete boxes using the
following code:

<%=javascript_include_tag :defaults%>
<h4> Search for Authors </h4>
<% form_for :author, :url =>{:action => "show", :controller =>
"author"} do |form|%>
  <%= text_field_with_auto_complete :author, :name, {},{:tokens =>
[',', '\n']}%>
      <%=submit_tag "Go", :id => @author%>

But once I added the tokens options, my show action does not work for
more than one choice (it works fine
when only one author was chosen).

My show.rhtml looks like this:

<% for column in Author.content_columns %>
  <%= %>:</b> <%=h @author.send( %>
  <% end %>

Can someone please help me out?