Custom Templates Broken on Edge

It seems that the format.html, format.xml, format.* response code has a
slight problem with it. It seems that it is now taking any request for
format.html and assuming that means... "#{actionname}.rhtml"... and
that's definitely not cool for .haml and .mab people.

Instead, we should append an r for xml and rss.... and leave
ActionView's clever "template finding" code go to work to determine
what we should do for html.

I don't think its wrong to assume that AV should make basic assumptions
that without a specialized ending, that we are talking about some sort
of html renderer. This was the assumption up to a few weeks ago when
the code in there got a little "cleanup" into a one-liner. Which,
indeed is much prettier, however it leaves us delegate render people in
the dust.

The patch is up and ready to go!

Its a simple exception for :html.



This looks good, but it lacks tests. Let me know when you have tests
ready for it and I'll apply.

Alright, tests now exist! Took a little trickery because of the way
that gets work, but I am now testing how render is called with

Ready for fantastical application!


PS: "fantastical application" is trademark of Hampton Catlin of
Toronto, ON. All rights reserved in your usual corner booth.

Any chance of this getting applied soon?

I keep having to patch all of my projects that I'm using the new REST stuff in.

I keep getting ActionController::MissingTemplate (Missing template
/show.rhtml.rhtml) and I keep getting HAML bug reports about this.