custom form tags

  My app let users to customize different html tags to get their own
forms.So i don't know how to extract the form data and validate the
data.Every form have different tags,how do i construct a model to manage
it including validation?

Maybe i did not describe it clear.Please look at attachment.I think
using model instead of non-model tags is better way,but don't know how
to define the model,migration,validation...?


is there a plugin to do it? It is hard to receive data and validate!!!!!

anyone help me?

I think you need to explain your requirement a bit better. Have you
written a spec of what you are trying to achieve? If not you could do
so, this may even help to clarify your ideas such that you answer the
question yourself.


I have done a project similar to yours in PHP long ago. As far as I
know, you can provide only very basic validation if you let users
build their own form. I used a table for each type of field. That is
all string elements in a form will get stored in a particular table,
all boolean elements will get stored in another table and blah blah.

You can do this stuff using Rails, but its not going be easy as you
think. But it will be far easier than you do it with PHP.

Karthikeyan,thanks.Let me try.
Let users build their own form is important to my app.Besides the way of
non-model tags,is there any better one?

Anyone has an better solution?
Simply tell me thoughts.It is so hard for me.

Anyone has an better solution that let user build their own field tags?
Thank you!