custom benchmarking - problems monkey patching perform_action_with_benchmark

I would like to override
ActionController::Benchmarking.perform_action_with_benchmark method so
that custom application-layer information is logged alongside render
and DB times in the production.log. I've tried monkey-patching, but
for some reason, it doesn't seem to work. I can define new methods in
the ActionController::Benchmarking, but if I override
perform_action_with_benchmark my changes are ignored.

Here's what I've got in

module ActionController #:nodoc:
  module Benchmarking #:nodoc:
    def perform_action_with_benchmark
      unless logger
        runtime = [Benchmark::measure{ perform_action_without_benchmark
}.real, 0.0001].max
        log_message = "Completed in #{sprintf("%.5f", runtime)} (#{(1
/ runtime).floor} reqs/sec)"
        log_message << rendering_runtime(runtime) if @rendering_runtime
        log_message << active_record_runtime(runtime) if
Object.const_defined?("ActiveRecord") && ActiveRecord::Base.connected?
        log_message << custom_runtime(runtime)
        log_message << " | #{headers["Status"]}"
        log_message << " [#{complete_request_uri rescue "unknown"}]"

    def custom_runtime(runtime)
      " | Custom: #{sprintf("%.5f", rand)}"

I can verify that custom_runtime exists, so the file is being read, but
it never gets invoked. It works if I edit the gem version of
benchmark.rb, but it doesn't work if I monkey patch under

Any ideas?