Cucumbers, !Fixtures, Factories, Machines

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help me out here.

I'm building a suite of tests for my (reasonably large) Rails app. I'm using Rails 3.2 and I *was* using FactoryGirl, but I found that it wasn't able to build me the object graphs that I needed.

(Basically it doesn't have a feature to re-use existing objects that are created in the database in previous steps).

I've got a Model that references three other models, two of which reference one other Model each. I want to simply call FactoryGirl.create on the first model, and have it intelligently build the related objects... the only issue is some of those objects should not be re-created.

Essentially what I want is sets of remembered named objects that can be referred to each other in a factory, but FactoryGirl nor Machinist seem to do this at all. Machinist comes closest to what I want to do in that it lets you override the attributes (and associations), yet it seems borked in that Machinist 2's make! method doesn't seem to create the related objects in for Rails 3.2.

Can anyone help out here? I'm trying to use the path of least resistance to doing BDD (or at least putting it on after the fact) and I seem to be getting stuck at the start of my object graph in order to do some of the set up for my steps / tests.


Could you show the Factory you are using now and how that exactly it fails or what you cannot do?

I presume the problem can be solved. I use a mix of FactoryGirl for creating short lived objects

(mostly in memory, sometimes in the database) and some static data in the database where I find that more appropriate.