Cucumber, Webrat, RSpec and Mechanize for Non-Ruby Apps

The folks here have given me the task of figuring out if cucumber can
be used successfully to test some of our apps.

I have the latest versions of rails, mechanize, cucumber webrat and
rspec installed.

  Feature: New PC
  In order to get a sweet new PC
  As a apple nerd
  I want to find

  Scenario: Get a sweet new computer
  Given I visit ""
  When I fill in "q" with "apple"
  And I press "Google Search"
  Then I should see ""

  Webrat.configure do |config|
    config.mode = :mechanize
  class MechanizeWorld < Webrat::MechanizeSession
    require 'spec'
    include Spec::Matchers

module NavigationHelpers
  # Maps a name to a path. Used by the