CSV Upload Problem

Hey all, I’m running into some problems uploading a CSV file. I have another app that uploads photos that works fine, but for some reason this doesn’t work at all.

The basic setup:


Upload Survey

<% form_tag :action => ‘upload’, :multipart => true, :id => @survey do %> <%=file_field “survey”, “filepath”%>

<%= submit_tag ‘Upload’ %> <% end %>

Controller: class SurveysController < ApplicationController def upload if request.post? #Create a survey model with a factory method

  head_surv = Survey.factory("Head", params[:head])

  #Upload the survey file





Upload logic in a mixin: module CsvSurveyLoader def upload_file(file)

File.open(get_destination(), "w") do |f|

end end

Okay there is the basic setup. I’m running into 2 problems.

  1. When using firefox, I’m only getting a file name. ( i.e. “survey.csv” vs “/path to csv/survey.csv”).
  2. A hard error:

NoMethodError in SurveysController#upload

undefined method `read' for "C:\\Users\\joe\\Desktop\\Head1.csv":String

I’ve been staring at this so long my head is spinning, if anyone has any ideas I’d be really appreaciative.

Just as a side note, the file can be read by fastercsv on my dev machine but the above code will not read the file.