CSV parsing/Faster CSV


I'm currently using FasterCSV to parse CSV files. Problem I have is that currently, I have to go through a two step process. I receive the CSV file, I have to open it, and then Save it as CSV (MSDOS) format for FasterCSV to read it without errors. If i try to submit it raw, my application throws me an exception (either, Malformed CSV Error, or, CSV file error).

Is there something I am missing from FasterCSV. Maybe someway to make it universally compatible to all CSV formats? Or is there a better CSV Parser out there for RoR that I can use?

Any help would be extremely appreciated.


Just because you can open it with (I assume) Excel, don't think that the CSV file started out valid. Excel will happily digest lots of non-standard CSV data without complaint.

Take a look at the before and after versions of your CSV or put the original in a gist or pastie if you need more help.


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