creating text_field by clicking button

Hi everyone,

I like to learn how to create text_field by cliking button as dynamicly.
I need "add" button which creates 3 text_fields on the same line,
"height" * "width" = "size"

I like to click button and creating 3 text fileds one takes height, one
takes width and third one calculate area with multiplication of two
but I don t know how to create text fields by clicking button each time
and add more than one line

This has nothing to do with Rails.

Find a book or tutorial on JavaScript.

I think you will have to use javascript or AJAX


Colin Law wrote:

Seriously, WTF??

Use "javascript tutorial" as a Google search phrase and you'll have
enough examples and documents to last you through summer, at a

Plus, you'll be able to tell all your friends, "Hey, I know how to use a
search engine!" They'll be impressed, trust me :slight_smile:

Hassan Schroeder wrote: