Creating a separate admin panel area - how to?


In my app, I want to implement a separate admin panel, which the users will be able to enter with their credentials and each one of them will be able to manage (edit-delete-add) only his resources. I want this panel to reside in or something like that. What would be the proper approach to do this? Namespaced controllers like Admin::BlahController etc?

Note that I need the app to have separate front-end views (for normal site visitors) and back-end views (eg. admin panel) for ‘Users’ of my app ( eg. people that will signup for it).

General info: it’s a site where the visitors will be able to see all the Deals posted by ‘Users’ (those will be that will access the /admin area to manage their deals).

Thanks in advance!

I suggest taking a loot at active_admin, etc

Jodi Showers