Create my own template language

Hello guys,

I am starting to think that i need a templating language (just like
PHP's Smarty and JSP's Expression Language) for simple value outputs
in a page without resorting to <%= %>.

I'm working on a I18N heavy application and we have a lot of places
where we open a scriptlet just to show a translated message and i'm
starting to think that it would be possible to change this for a
simpler representation, someting like ${t:txt.users.top_by_points}.

I want to keep the <%= %> functionality (so it's more like JSP than
Smarty), but i would like to add the other as an option, anyone has
any idea about where i should start looking to get this to work?

Maurico -

Liquid doesn't accept the scriptlet ( <%= %> ) syntax, but thanks anyway.