country_select, how edit the list?

Hi! I have created an abstract submission form for a world wide congress using Ruby on rails. Every thing works fine except that today I got an email from some one from Taiwan that didn't like that her country was a province of China. Apparently Taiwan is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China" in the country selection list that Rails provides. So my qeustion is, it there some way that I can alter the country list so that people from Taiwan don't feel offended?

Thanks in advance Fredrik

I'd imagine that if you saved the countries in a hash, that would be the first place to check. Or if its' stored in say a country database, just pop into the db and update that countries info.

You can change the COUNTRIES constant that is defined in ActionView::Helpers::FormOptionsHelper module:

ActionView::Helpers::FormOptionsHelper::COUNTRIES[ActionView::Helpers::FormOptionsHelper::COUNTRIES.index("Taiwan, Province of China")] = "Taiwan"

hope it's help. Bojan