Couldn’t get bounced email id in “Failure delivery notice”

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We have an email receiver component to receive mails. We couldn’t get the bounced email id from “failure delivery notice” email.

Scenario: In email receiver, we need to process the bounced emails separately as in it needs to be tracked and take a action to stop sending emails to particular email-id if it is hard bounce, and if it’s a soft bounce, we have to make a count for it and take action according to the number failures.

Problem: We have found/ differentiated the bounced emails from regular emails. But we need to find out which email-id has been failed to deliver / invalid one. All email service providers are mentioning the email id in body content (“Failure delivery notice”) in different format.

Question: Can you please anyone suggest me, how to find out the email-id which is failed to deliver / invalid one from that bounced email notice.

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The most fool proof way to do this is to get the message-id of the mail you have sent, and store that somewhere against the user you sent to.

Then when you get the bounce message, dig out the message-id and then lookup the message-id in your table to find the user.

Mikel Lindsaar