Could new ActiveRecord API be available for Rails 2.x?

Could a new ActiveRecord/ActiveSupport pair be released independently
of Rails 3.0, for use with 2.x apps? Maybe make a Rails 2.4 release
that is 2.3.5 plus new ActiveRecord/ActiveSupport?

This way 2.x apps could get the benefits of the new AR interface, and
in this way also migrate toward 3.0 in steps, if they’re not ready to
upgrade all the way to 3.0.

Since all of the changes are isolated to ActiveRecord/ActiveSupport,
would this be possible?


With Jeremy McAnally’s Upgrade PDF it’s not that difficult to upgrade from Rails 2.3 to 3.0 anyway, so I’d question the value/effort of back-porting this (and creating another maintenance branch).



I'm currently developing with a little hack I call

gives me the core scoping syntax,
works pretty well.

Here's my gist

If you're interested I'll bundle it up into a little gem.