Cookie based flash

I've got a Rails app in which I do not need to use sessions, with one
exception: I want to use RoR flash.

Now, I much prefer to use true stateless client-server, thus avoiding
the hassle of dealing with server-side session information. And I've
successfully set up my application accordingly. I'm guessing there's
some way to completely disable RoR sessions (though if you want to
point me in the right direction, it would save me some research
time :slight_smile: ).

But I do want to use flash.

It strikes me that it would be easy to implement flash using a cookie,
especially since I'm only using it for limited things that I would
happily put in that cookie. It also strikes me that someone else may
already have written a plug-in to do this. But I can't seem to find
such a thing.

Anyone know of such a beast? Or should I just go ahead and try to
write one on my own?

Joe Dzikiewicz

Joe, what if you re-enabled sessions, but used the cookie session
store? There's been a lot of discussion about the merits of the cookie
store, especially around security, but it sounds pretty much perfect
for what you're wanting to do. Note, though, that the cookie store is
on trunk.

~ j.

You are right - that is exactly what I want. Thanks for pointing it

Any idea when it is going to be in a production-quality release?
We're not deploying for a while yet, and I would surely like to wait
until this is available.