converting a ruby array to javascript array

I have this code within a javascript function:

  function load(test) {
            var coordinates = new Array();
            coordinates = <%= params[:coordinates] %>

the params contains an array with double digit numbers such as
[24,45], but when it is converted within the javascript function, it
turns into one long number, i.e. 2445. I found this by doing an
alert() with the result. I don't really know much about javascript,
so Im not sure if this is an integer or a string or what, but
ultimately I need to get these original two digit numbers separated
and into a javascript array. I tried performing some javascript
string operations but they do not seem to be working. Any one have
any ideas here?
Thanks, Dave

there are two functions:

have a look at the source first one, it's basically doing:

joining the array elements to a string

to_json would also work:

<%= params[:coordinates].to_json %>

cool, yea array_or_string_for_javascript works well: var coordinates =
<%= array_or_string_for_javascript(params[:coordinates])%>