Controller Models

Here I Just started to learn Ruby on Rails! My issues is when reading
the data using my controller pages.

I initiate my controller using this command

rails g controller schoolTypes

I then initiate my model has the following command

rails g model schoolType

Once this is done i then modify has follow the following pages

class CreateSchoolTypes < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    create_table :school_types do |t|
      t.integer :schoolTypeID
      t.string :name
      t.description :text

did a rake db:migrate

Change the following page

class SchoolTypesController < ApplicationController
  def index
    @schoolTypes = schooltype.all
  def show
  def new
  def create
  def update
  def destroy
  def edit

<h1>School Types</h1>
<% @schoolTypes.each do |schoolType|%>
<%= %>
<% end %>
If I go to the following page http://localhost:3000/school_types I get
the following errors
undefined local variable or method `schooltype' for

Any reason why?

your model should call 'SchoolType' and it's in file app/models/school_type.rb

then you should use @types = SchoolType.all (case sensitive)


You don't need this as an id field will automatically be added. Also
life will be simpler if you stick to the rails conventions for naming
things (don't use camelCase), if you needed a school type id it should
be called school_type_id.

I suggest you work right through some tutorials on RoR in order to get
the basic principles. is good and is free to use
online (how many times have I typed that in the last year I wonder, my
fingers type it without conscious brain involvement). Also have a
look at the Rails Guides, starting with Getting Started, obviously.


Rails uses four naming conventions for throughout it’s code which need to be followed by the developer (you) for their code to fit with Rails. These involve selective use or singular and plural together with camelize and underscore.
The simplest way to demonstrate the conventional use is to run:
rails generate scaffold your_new_object name:string description:text size:integer
Then look at the model/view/controller files for uses of the variants on your_new_object
If you’re running on a unix system (any Linux or OSX) this command will find them all when run within your application directory:
find . -name *.rb -exec grep your_new {} ; -a -exec grep YourNew {} ; -a -print


Thanks it works, it just get confusing with the singular and plurial