Controller into the lib folder?

Hi everyone, is it possible to add a controller into the lib folder? I
tried but it doesn't seem to work... Is it because it's not loaded?


You could add foo.rb into lib/modues and then where ever you want to
access those methods you would need to include that file.

require 'lib/modules/foo.rb'

include foo

Why do you want to put a controller in the lib folder? That is what the controllers folder is for.

Hi all, here is my situation: My company recently adopted RoR for all
its Web Projects. We currently have 3 major projects in development.
I'm searching for a way to share between all our projects everything
that we have in common. Currently I identified a few models,
controllers and libraries that all our projects use. All of these
files are duplicated in each of our different projects.

The way I see it, I have 2 options:

1) Build a gem out of all the common files and install it on each
project. What I dislike about this option is that I will have to
update the gem every time something new is added to the gem, and this
will happen very frequently...

2) Create a SVN repository that contains all of what is common between
the projects. I could then include this repository from the projects
repository using an external link. Conceptually this is my best
solution because a simple 'update' would be enough to synchronize
everything but my problem is "How do I do that"? For example, the
'lib' directory of my project could point on the external link. But
how will my project "know" to import my models in the app/models
directory and my controllers in the app/controllers? Is that even

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


I've never used them before, but you can look into using Rails Engines
"The engines plugin enhances Rails’ own plugin framework, making it
simple to share controllers, helpers, models, public assets, routes
and migrations in plugins."

I'll have a look at it, thank you very much for your response!