Contributing in Rails


I am using Ruby on Rails framework from last 1 year. I know how to build website using this platform but now I am interested in contributing in Ruby on Rails. I have seen bugs at github but contributing is much different than using Rails.

Please help me out to get started . I have some new ideas in my mind which should be there in this framework and I want to implement that so that i can raise pull request for the same.

And anyone please suggest how to make myself more clear in Rails in terms of codebase and using Rails. Do I need to do more projects to make myself more clear, If so please suggest some good topics for the same so that I can make myself more clear.


Hi @Aishwarye Omer,
The last week I was trying to fix a couple of bugs in active_record. I
found them in issues list of the rails framework. There were not easy
ones and I still have not fix any of them.

I suppose that there is no easy way. Getting done more projects will not
help you to understand rails on the level you need to contribute unless
projects are alive and you are supporting them, so you have enough of
interesting issues with the project to dig in to the rails guts.

The only solution I see is to start working on issues in rails. In order
to understand the framework you have to be familiar with it. As you
start fixing issues you will get better understanding on how rails is
implemented and how easy/hard it is.

Personally, I consider rails to be a heavy built framework which is hard
to support. I may be wrong.

Hi Aishwarye,

Rails is a beast. It’s a pretty big project. As a consequence you have to know how it works pretty well.

To contribute to Rails i would recommend you to go through some Rails source code tutorials to get familiar with it. The I would highly recommend you to rebuild Rails from Scratch. Chris Oliver from GoRails said that he will maybe also make some video tutorials about how to rebuild Rails. (Rack, Controllers, Models and so on…)

I hope this helps!

Happy coding :slight_smile:


Hi @Taras Matsyk. Extremely sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the advice. This will surely help me a lot.


Aishwarye Omer

Hello @Tobias Feistmantl. Thank you very much for the advice. Will seek more help. Extremely sorry for the late reply.


Aishwarye Omer