Contribute to open source

Hi,I learned ROR about 3 months period, i get to know some of the features on rails. I’m interested on this web programming technology, and i would like to spent some of my time to contribute a little to open source. Can anyone here give me some correct approach that I can start with small project? or any examples? Is tht neccessay that i have to expert in Ruby in contributing to open source ? like those framework such as ,devise, paperclip, omniauth ,koala ,etc(these gems that currently i’m working on) … Any discussion is welcome for everyone :slight_smile:

If you want, you could send pull request to those gems on their github
repository (or just upload your gists/pieces of code that you consider

If you want to start a project you should consider learning how to test
(and it will also help you if you want to contribute to some gem
repository) and this guide could show you how to start

Javier Q

Sorry, I meant this link :slight_smile: