Continue to use assets functions on a different host and path ?

Hello, I just build my new Rails application, i placed the website like that : at

http://www.***.net/ = /var/www/devkedare/public/ (with mod_rails)

http://media.***.net/ = /var/www/media/

I want to use the javascript :cache features, the "timed" files to prevent caching when file change (ex: x.js?1249517571), and all others greats files features, I configured the asset_host to use the media domain, and it work, but how to tell to rails to use that directory (/var/www/media) and no / var/www/devkedare/public/ like how it do and to continue to use all the functions that it provide when the files are places at public/ Is there a way to do that ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad english