Content Management in rails

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it would have been better if you have used instant rails. this will install all ruby,rails. also have many features

can u please check those things without breakpoint.I dont know if there is any other way to find valuses but still if you know please tell the values i mentioned within 5 mins mail me the latest         @users.each do |user|    @orders.each do |order| if == order.user_id    @id = yeah the value of @id is 1. @var = Lineitem.find_by_order_id(@id) the value of @var is #             @product << @var the value of @product is #

Hi Ruchita and Abhi Manyu

Take a look at this:

Guys, you really need to take this off-list. This thread has 110 posts now, the bulk of which is only between the 2 of you, ranging from Content Management in Rails, Deepavali wishes (and happy diwali to the both of you), IDE discussions, Good morning, Good luck, Good night, issues relating to thumbnails, and finally issues relating to finding a record.

This is simply a case of message ping-pong between the two of you since quite a while now. It is not very helpful to the list to have a ball-by-ball update of your application. This kind of conversation is much better suited to email or MSN or IRC...

I think the both of you seem to be accessing the forum from a web gateway but there are a large number of us who receive this through google groups email - and we are getting continuous emails from just the 2 of you.

I don't think anyone here has a problem with there being a lot of email relating to a specific subject, but this thread hardly fits the bill. Also, there have already been 2 requests to take this off-list since it seems more like an instant messaging conversation than a technical group.

I know I could set it to send any mail from the 2 of you to the junk folder (and probably many have aready done so), but that means that when you do ask something else that I may be able to help with, your mail will be sitting in Junk.

Cheers, Mohit.