Contacts gem is not fetching the Gmail a/c contacts.

Hi All,

I have used the contacts gem to import mail accounts contacts for invite
friends’ module in my application.

It was working perfectly; I have tested that before getting into live
with Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

Now, I was re-checking every feature on my site, so tried to import the
contacts from Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail is working perfectly as I tested
before, but for Gmail is not working.

Then I was checking contacts gem what it is throwing the errors. It

/contacts-1.0.16/lib/contacts/gmail.rb:43:in `real_connect': Username
and password do not match (Contacts::AuthenticationError)

I have passed the correct username and password.

Is anyone facing the same problem?

If you have used the contacts gem in your project, please re-check /
re-test that and let me know the status for Gmail domain.

Looking forwarded (suggestion and solutions for this issue),

Sathish Kumar


I am facing the same issue. On a little debugging, I have reached to point where the exception is raised due to the following

data.index(“New to Gmail? It’s free and easy”)

in gmail.rb file line 42 .

I think there are some URL changes recently done or some argument changes.

Best Wishes,
Saideep Annadatha