Consuming Web Service APIs created through AWS

Hi All,

I am running with the issue while creating web service client for the
web service server created through AWS support in rails.

I need to create client in rails here..

Below is the detail about the situation here..

I have created my web service server api using AWS support in rails.
now i need to create the client for now in rails to consume this web
service apis.

To consume the web service client basically need the wsdl, api
signature and any custom classes that are used in

Now if i create the rails client application and provide the api
signatures files and custom classes required to that client
application and invoke the service as below given at
it is running properly and consuming the service.

But i need to provide only wsdl for my api to client and need to
consume my service..

I am not sure how to do that ?? i find the soap4r gem for this thing
but i am not getting enough information to consume my service using

I have used delegated dispatching mode to create web service apis.

Please let me know if anyone have any idea on that..

Thanks in Advance.