Constants defined in initializer not found when running gems:install in test

Dear all,

I am setting some constants in an initializer, which are used in validations in my models.
When I run

  RAILS_ENV=test rake gems:install

I get missing constant errors for these, but not when I run

  RAILS_ENV=development rake gems:install

It only happens for the gems:install task in test.
Everything else (e.g. rake test) works as expected.
What could be the problem?

Thanks for your help


The problem you ran into was the same one as this thread:

and both are caused by load_application_classes trying to load all
your models at startup. That routine does nothing when
config.cache_classes is false (the default in development mode, but
not in test).

As a quick workaround, try setting config.cache_classes to false in
environments/test.rb to get the gems installed.

--Matt Jones