constant didn't update?

A very puzzling thing has happened. Any ideas on this?

I have two rates for this service I provide.

5 cents per line 10 cents per line

I updated the latter to 20 cents per line, and made other changes to my site. I use a constant for the rate so I did this: EXEC_RATE = 20 // used to be, EXEC_RATE = 10

I made other changes to my site, did a successful upload, stopped and started mongrel, etc. I have verified that the products_controller on my site has the new constant value above but I find that the new value does not show.

I see the old value, 10 cents per line, everywhere.

I am referencing my constant this way throughout my site: <%= ProductsController::EXEC_RATE.to_s %> cents per line

I flushed my browser cache. All my other changes have appeared correctly. I look at the current source in current/app/products_controller.rb and my constant on the site has the correct value.

What could this be? Any ideas? thanks!! lucidbee

// is not a ruby comment

Change it to # and see what happens.

(Sorry for top-posting - mobile phone has awful email client)

Thanks for the feedback, actually the line is

  EXEC_RATE = 20 # cents per line, convert and exec

So that could not be it.

I have also checked in my IDE, and the new value is showing up in my local development environment. The new value is on the production machine, in the production code. BUT it is not being displayed in the production site. All other changes are being properly displayed. This is ruby1.8.6 ??

thanks! lucidbee

When I have this sort of problem, one trick I have used is to put an intentional syntax error in the file and upload it to the production server, this allows you to check that the file is actually being loaded.


Have you done a search to ensure you're not setting it again somewhere else (Ruby should warn you in the logs if you are, but it won't stop you)

Can you view the file on the production site to be *sure* it's the right version.

Also, when you stopped Mongrel - are you *sure* it stopped? If you do a request to the site do you get a 404 before starting again? (maybe there's more instances running!)