console does not reload

I start a ruby on rails console. First I execute "require 'managers/
x_manager' then I do something with the loaded class. After changing
the source of the class it is not reloaded. How do I activate the
changes without restarting the console?


Try reload!

I wrote reload! and it did reloaded the configuration but not the
edited source file.

"reload!" only reloads controllers, models, routes and similar often-
changing stuff. It does not reload everything - it depends on the
directories and internal settings like 'load_paths' and
'load_once_paths'. For instance, plugin code is not reloaded.

Where is the source file you want reloaded? Try this:

module MyStuff
  # rest of my code ...

The "unloadable" method explicitly tells Dependencies that this module
is unloadable.

Try >reload!



I have the same issue , did you find a solution ?