Connection Pooling on Rails 2.2.2 (Windows Vista)


I'm trying to setup rails 2.2.2 pool connections to MySQL by
specifying the pool setting with 5 in database.yml but no hope.. It
doesn't work.
My rails is running on webrick in the production mode and the webrick
is launched by RadRails.

Even though I send multiple requests to my app on rails at the same
time, it seemed only one connection is shared ( pooled ).
I also checked on MySQL with the command "show processlist" but only
one connection was shown.

Do I have to do something ?? or Rails on Windows cannot make multiple
connections ??



What does you database.yml look like? Are you seeing any error messages in

the logs?


Hi, Conrad

Thank you for the reply.

Here is my database.yml

In order to take advantage of connection pooling, you need an adapter that supports multithreading. The basic MySQL adapter doesn’t do that.

Check out for a pretty detailed walkthrough to set this up.