Connecting to XML/SOAP feed that requires pkcs12 certificate for client authentication


I'm stumped. I need to connect to an XML/SOAP feed... that's normally
not an issue. But this one has a hoop that threw me for a loop. Some
corporate security geek implented it such that a client certificate
(pkcs12) is required to validate my identity before their system will
talk to me.

The remote system is, of course, running J2EE w/ EJB inside their
firewall. But for external parties, they require the certificate on
top of the SSL connection.

I know how to do it on .Net/IIS (basically we have to create a Java
keystore and import the PKCS#12 Token).

Problem is we're in the process of leaving .Net and are doing all our
new apps in RoR. By mid-2007 we won't be a MS shop anymore. But this
one has me stumped. I can't for the life of me figure out how to make
RoR pass a client certificate in the connection stream.


Thanks in advance!
- Daniel

soap4r comes with an example that demonstrates how you can use
certificates on the client side.

Thanks much! I wasn't aware that soap4r supported client
authentication using certificates.

I'll reply back once we've tested it to let everyone know if we had

- Daniel