Connect to Production Database - Explicit password on database.yml?

Hi there,

What is a good way to setup connection to production database?
Do I really need to keep production password on database.yml file? Are there any other ways?

Thanks in advance,

In database.yml use something like
  password: <%= ENV['MY_DATABASE_PASSWORD'] %>
and externally setup an environment variable MY_DATABASE_PASSWORD

I believe that is what
rails new ...
generates automatically. Did it not for you?


It looks it did, but my app still is not connecting.
Looks like I’m missing something.

I created the database with:

rake db:create RAILS_ENV=production

But when I try to run the app, production.log gives me the error:

**PG Peer authentication failed for user “myusername” **

I’ve tried to add host:localhost to my config/database.yml, and now it gives me this error:

Try first with the password explicitly in database.yml, then when that
is working use an environment variable instead.