confusion about a exercise


I try to learn myself Ror by following this tutorial :

Now I have to make this exercise :

Make a Contact page for the sample app. First write a test for the existence of a page at the URI /static_pages/contact. (Hint: Test for the right title.) Then write a second test for the title “Ruby on Rails Tutorial Sample App | Contact”. Get your tests to pass, and then fill in the Contact page with the content from Listing 3.29.

I wonder if I have to do the same twice. Both say I have to check on the title.


Indeed this is confusing. Can you provide an URL for the exercise?

Yes, I can.
The exercise can be found here :


Well, if you’re trying not to look at the answer - the first test is meant to look at the “title” that is actually displayed on the page (i.e. heading), and the second test is supposed to check the actual HTML page title (i.e. tag).

OK I am lost in this particular workflow. You should just test for title and that’s it. I don’t see how 2 specs are needed for that. Sorry I couldn’t help.