configuring yahoo mail in smtp

Hi all,

Am trying to send email with yahoo mail but it is not working but, with gmail works fine can someone correct me if anything is wrong in my smtp.

:port: 587
:password: test
:authentication: plain
:enable_starttls_auto: true
:domain :

Thanks in advance

does yahoo allow that kind of thing? yahoo is just old webmail stuff.


I have changed address to but still the same… no error but mails not delivered.

Do you know if yahoo mail requires a separate “app” password to access email in this way?
I’m asking only because I know Google email works this way, I don’t know anything about connecting to Yahoo mail in particular.

Thanks tamouse pontiki for your reply, even am looking for solution does rails or yahoo supports or not. Waiting for some to give reply who have checked it. I have checked with different ports 25, 587 and 465 but no luck with address