configuring rails app in LAMP or WAMP server

Hello friends!
Is there anyone who knows how to configure a rails application to run in a LAMP or WAMP server?
Please share with the guidelines
Thanks in advance!

Breaking it down:

Linux/Windows: if you’ve successfully installed ruby and rails on your machine, job done.

Apache: standard way to get rails running on Apache is with mod_passenger. Detailed instructions here.

I don’t know how new you are to Rails: when I first tried Rails, I was coming at it from a very low-grade PHP background, and I made the mistake of trying to get rails running on Apache on my development set-up. If you’re as green as I was back then, and this is what you’re thinking, stop now: use the built-in development server for development, and worry about passenger when you’re pushing to production. Apart from Apache configuration being a bit of a black art, using a production server on development will slow you right down - you’ll be restarting Apache every time you change a line of code.

MySQL: easiest way is, when starting your project, use the command ‘rails new myproject --database=mysql’. Then change the database.yml file with the MySQL user credentials.

PHP: not necessary. Ever again. :slight_smile:

Why do you want configure Rails in a LAMP/WAMP server?

If you use Linux i’d recommend you to use Nginx + Unicorn:

Look here:

Look here:

Look here:

And try this: