Condition on fields_for

Do these addresses have any difference besides being primary or secondary? Are there extra fields in one that are not in the other? Or is primary maybe a boolean on the address object?


Create two associations with conditions on the parent table with conditions that point to each “type” of address.

For instance:

has_many :addresses

has_one :primary_address,

->() do

where( :type => :primary )


:class_name => Address

This will make primary address accessible through addresses but also make it its own association ( so you can just pass that association to the form ).

Be aware that changes to one association will not be reflected in the other. So if you change “primary_address”, before you reload, the object in addresses which corresponds to your primary address will not have the changes you made to primary address. After you save/reload, they will.

*changes to one association will not be reflected in the other until reload.

Is @lenders a single parent or an array? Presumable an array since it
is plural. In which case you can't just test state_id_string.
Possibly you need something like @lenders.where(some condition on
state_id_string), assuming that state_id_string is a database field.
Alternatively perhaps you want to use @lenders.each to select and test
them one at a time.


Okay... I am really trying to be super vigilant to best Ruby/Ruby on Rails
practices here... the whole n + 1 matter particularly

I have a parent table called Advertiser:

This is how it looks on the database:

CREATE TABLE advertisers (
  advertiser_id varchar(40) NOT NULL,

If you are committed to the rails conventions then that should just be
id, not advertiser_id. advertiser_id should be used in another table
that belongs_to advertiser.

  title varchar(50) NOT NULL,
  category_id int(3) NOT NULL DEFAULT '99',
class Advertiser < ActiveRecord::Base

  require 'uri'

  self.primary_key = 'advertiser_id'
  attr_accessor :item_image_upload
  has_one :item_image
  has_one :category

You have has_one category, but also a category_id in the table either
it should be belongs_to category or the field should not be there.

CREATE TABLE categories (
  category_id int(3) NOT NULL DEFAULT '99',
  category_type varchar(50) NOT NULL,
  KEY category_type_index (category_type)

Categories exists as category.rb, and this is the model:

class Category < ActiveRecord::Base

self.primary_key = 'category_id'

  belongs_to :advertiser
  belongs_to :borrower
  belongs_to :lender

You need _id fields for each of the above.

    I am really committed to using best practices. What an I doing wrong?
I am not clear as to model requirement regarding look up values that are
user nonchangeable... The whole notion, for example, has_one with regard to
a look up is not clear to me.

Have you worked right through a good tutorial such as (which is free to use online), including all the
exercises? That should help to make the basics of rails more clear.


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It might be better to put your reply after the
relevant section of the message you are replying to (as I have done
here), then it is easier to follow what you are saying.



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