complex restful routes


i'd like to know how you handle complex restful routes
for instance
table - join - table2
set has_many subset has_many subsubset
won't the route get a bit awkward ? I'd like to avoid having more
than 2 models in my routes.

How would you handle this ? would you do:
map.resources :set, :has_many => :subset
map.resources :subset, :has_many => :subsubset
this is not ideal as the subset model gets complex to handle both
types of routes.
How do you do it ? Namespaces ?


Hi Elise

I had a question about RESTful stuff last week, and I got some good general design tips as part of the help that I received.

Perhaps there may be something in there that can help the way you attack the problem.

I unfortunately, am still a REST-noob, so would rather not venture an answer.

thanks - it's indeed a start of a pointer.