Complex Active_record associations

So I have 3 models -
Users, Roles, Records.
For each record X user, can have 1 of 3 roles, and those roles will
give different permissions on each record.
So for example, user 1 - has a role of follower on record 5, also user
1 - is a manager(role) of record 4, etc.
So what I am trying to do, is figure out how to create that
Would something like this work?
has_and_belongs_to roles
has_many records through => role_record

    user_status -- table

has_and_Belongs_to Users
has_and_belongs_to records

      role_record -- table

has_and_belongs_to roles

The final goal is I want to call - user(1).role(1) - and have it spit
out all the associated records that I have.

I have n amount of users and records, but currently only 3 roles.
Thanks for the help!